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Why do I need driver’s education?

Learning to drive is a fun and exciting rite of passage, but can be dangerous! Driving school will provide you with the necessary defensive driving skills and safe driving practices knowledge to prepare for driving in today’s traffic. Additionally, by completing driving school in London, Ontario, Ward’s New Drivers will help new drivers prepare for their road tests so they pass the first time! To learn more about our driving courses, visit our courses page.

What kind of courses does Ward’s New Drivers Inc. offer?

Our Beginner Driver Education Course offers a comprehensive driver’s education experience, complying with the requirements set by the Ministry of Transportation. By offering only one Beginner Driver Education Course, we are able to offer a cost-effective means of gaining Beginner Driver Education Course certification. To learn more about the additional services we provide, visit our courses page.

Do I need my Class G1 Licence to begin a driving course?

You may begin the in-class portion of our driving course without your G1 licence, however you must pass your G1 test, before completing the course. Once you have completed your G1 test, you may begin your in-car lessons.

Uh oh! I’ve missed an in-class driving lesson, now what?

If you miss an in-class driving lesson, you may retake that portion of the class during the following course schedule. We understand that things come up and life happens, so if you miss a class, that’s okay! Just be aware that missed classes are subject to a missed class fee.

What is Homelink?

Homelink is a portion of the Beginner Driver Education Course that must be completed by the student as per the Ministry of Transportation. Homelink is a driver education workbook mandated by the Ministry, and must be completed within 12 months after your first in-class driving school lesson. Please be advised that if you do not complete Homelink in the allotted time, you will not be granted Beginner Driver Education Course certification

How long do I have to finish the course?

You have 12 months from your first day of your Beginner Driver Education Course to complete all components of the course.

Do I get a certificate for completing driver’s course?

As of 2008, driving schools do not receive certificates or certification numbers. To obtain proof of completion of the driver’s education course, you must go to a Service Ontario location and request a Driver’s Licence history (the cost is approximately $12); this document serves as your certificate.

I’ve completed my driver’s course, how do I book my road test?

Congratulations on completing the driver’s education course! To book your road test, visit the DriveTest website or call 1-800-570-6110. If you require assistance in booking your road test, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

What are your methods of payment? Where can I send my payment?

Ward’s New Drivers Inc. accepts cash, cheque, and interac e-transfer.

  • To drop off cash or a cheque in person, please contact us
  • Cheques may also be mailed to Ward’s New Drivers Inc., 882 Apricot Dr, London, ON, N6K 5A9
  • To make an e-transfer, forward payment to info@wardsdriving.ca or contact us for more information

Do you offer payment plans for your driving course?

Ensuring you receive proper driving training is our goal – so we want to make it as easy as possible! We offer pay-as-you-go options or you can pay for your courses in full, the choice is yours. To learn more about our payment options, feel free to contact us!