Private Driving Lessons London Ontario

Learn to Drive with a Private Driving Instructor!

Whether you’re new to road or looking to improve your driving skills, Ward’s New Drivers offers private driving lessons in London, Ontario to help you become a great driver. Our one-on-one lessons allow students to gain hands on driving experience with a private driving instructor. In-car lessons can happen as many or as few times as you want; if you just need a quick lesson on winter driving, or you’ve been off the road for years and want to refresh your skills, Ward’s New Drivers can help you fill the gaps in your driving skills. To learn more about private driving lessons for contact Ward’s New Drivers today!

What can you expect from Ward’s New Driver’s private driving lessons?

  • Get a refresher on basic driving skills
  • Enhance winter driving skills
  • Practice defensive driving
  • Reliable training vehicles
  • Courteous and friendly instructors


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Pricing for Private Driving Lessons

Private driving lessons from Ward’s New Driver’s are designed to help you develop your driving skills as needed. The pricing for individual lessons can be made on a pay-as-you-go basis, with each lesson 90 minute lesson priced at $60.00.

Our cars are available for road tests! Read more here