G1 Practice Test

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1. right_turn_only


2. no_bikes


3. A flashing green light at an intersection in which left and right turns are permitted indicates:


4. When exiting your vehicle on a heavy traffic roadway, you should open your door:


5. snowmobiles


6. prohibited_sign


7. hidden_driveway


8. handicap parking road sign


9. Failing to stop at a school crossing, you could be fined:


10. Drivers under the age of 20 with their G2 license for longer than 6 months, may carry how many passengers, under the age of 20, between midnight and 5am?


11. When approaching a signal light and it turns from green to amber, what should you do?


12. Drivers with a G1 licence must be accompanied by a driver with a G class or higher licence, plus how many years of driving experience?


13. do_not_block_intersection


14. bi_directional_left_turn_lane


15. When travelling on a two-way traffic roadway, and an emergency vehicle approaches with a siren, what are you legally required to do?


16. idle limit


17. A merging traffic sign indicates you must:


18. no passing


19. slow_moving_vehicle


20. When a driver has a change in his/her name or address, they must notify the Ministry of Transportation and Communication within what time period?


21. bridge_lift_ahead


22. If your tire suddenly blows out as you are driving, you should:


23. When you are required to use lights, you must use low-beam headlights:


24. In Ontario, the seat belt law is in effect?


25. stop_sign_ahead


26. When approaching a stopped vehicle that is allowing pedestrians to cross the street at a marked crosswalk, how should you proceed?


27. In the instance that personal injury occurs in an accident, it must be reported to the police, or if damage exceeds what amount?


28. airport_route


29. If a driver accumulates 15 or more demerit points on their driver’s licence, their licence is to be suspended:


30. road_work


31. If a traffic light at an intersection indicates red light for you to stop, but you are motioned by a police officer to proceed through the intersection, what should you do?


32. parking


33. As a novice driver, with a suspended license for driving under the influence, your licence could be:


34. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, in which an injury has occurred, you must report the accident to:


35. When the traffic lights of an intersection are out of order, how should you proceed?


36. no_straight_through


37. no_u_turn


38. If a pedestrian is still crossing the street when the traffic light changes, who is entitled to right-of-way?


39. yield


40. snowmobile crossing


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