Class G2 Licence Rules

You’ve passed your G1 Exit Road Test! Congratulations – But now what?

Now that you have passed your first road test, you’re finally able to get behind the wheel of the car and hit the roads! But before you’re on your way, there are a few regulations that you’ll have to remember while carrying a Class G2 licence.

The rules of driving with your G2 License:

  • You may drive without the supervision of a G class licenced driver
  • You are not permitted to have consumed any alcohol; you must have 0% BAC
Are you aged 19 or under with Class G2 licence?

If you are under 19 with your Class G2 licence, between midnight and 5AM, you may only drive with one passenger. This rule does not apply if supervised by a Class G licensed driver or the passengers are immediate members of the driver’s family

You can take the G2 Exit Road Test after 12 months carrying a Class G2 licence. To prepare for the G2 Exit Road Test will test your basic and advanced driving skills, ensure that you are practised in the following driving skills:
  • Freeway driving with a speed limit exceeding 80km/h
  • Parallel parking
  • Three-point turns
  • Proper lane usage and changes
  • Proper use of mirrors and observational skills
  • Left turns at an intersection
  • Emergency road side stops
  • Proper blind spot checks
  • Defensive driving skills

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