Information for Seniors Driving Test

In Ontario, it is required for seniors aged 70 and better to complete a road test if they have been involved in a collision or have received a traffic ticket. Ward’s New Drivers understands traffic today is at all time high, with congested road ways and ever changing rules of the road. We want to help you prepare for your road test, to ensure you are familiar with today’s rules of the road and enhance your defensive driving skills.

As we become more experienced drivers, it is common that we develop driving habits that do not always comply with proper road safety practices. Our senior driving lessons with certified driving instructors will provide a comprehensive driving refresher course

We understand that being examined on your driving skills can be stressful, Ward’s New Drivers is here to help make your driving test easy so you pass the first time! We specialize in nervous drivers; our certified instructors will make you feel relaxed and confident in your driving skills.

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