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January  2018
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Do you have a teen in need of a Driving School in London, Ontario?

Have a student driver in the house can be nerve-racking! We understand that that’s your baby behind the wheel and we want to make sure you have peace of mind by ensuring they are properly prepared for driving on their own. Our driving school in London, Ontario focuses on teaching our student drivers the importance of defensive driving, responsible and co-operative driving, while having fun!

Learning to drive is a huge step in your child’s life – and can be a very dangerous one! Ward’s New Drivers can help prepare your children for their driver’s licence and the responsibility of being a safe driver. Learning to drive involves skill, knowledge and habits that need to be carefully formed; together we can create a safer experience for your new driver.

Remember getting a licence is not the end of learning to drive, its the beginning. The first year after licencing is critical to the development of safe habits, proper attitudes, knowledge and skills. Because the Ministry of Transportation driving test only covers basic driving situations, passing does not make a driver safe or competent in dealing with all the different driving situations he or she will meet in a lifetime of driving. The newly licensed driver is still a novice with only basic skills. With practice and supervision a typical beginner will develop into a safer competent driver.

To learn more about Beginner Driver Education Course in London, Ontario, visit our courses page for full details!