Graduated Licensing Timeline

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Getting your G1
To get your G1 you must:
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Pass a written test about the rules of the road, which you can study for using the Ontario’s Official Driver Handbook
  • Pass a vision test
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Driving with your G1
While you have your G1, you must:
  •   0% BAC
  •   Ensure all passengers wear a seatbelt
  •   No driving between 12AM – 5AM
  •   No driving on express freeways
  •   Must be accompanied by a Class G driver with a minimum of 4 years driving experience
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G1 Exit Road Test
  • You can take the G1 Exit Road Test after 8 months (12 months without attending a licensed driving school)
  • The exam tests basic driving skills, like stopping, parking, turning, etc
  • Learn about our driving course
Driving with your G2

*If you are under 19 with your G2, between midnight and 5AM, you may only drive with one passenger, unless you are accompanied by a fully licensed driver or the passengers are immediate family

G2 Exit Road Test
These penalties can apply if you are convicted of a Highway Traffic Act offence that results in four or more demerit points, or if you break graduated licensing rules
  • First Offence: 30 day suspension of your licence
  • Second Offence: 60 day suspension of your licence
  • Third Offence: Lose your novice licence. You are required to restart the graduated licensing program, including re-paying all fees, losing any time discount you earned and time you were credited, and retaking all tests.
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